ASM Mastering is a music mastering studio based in Berlin.

CD Mastering
Mastering for MP3
Mastering for iTunes MFiT (Apple MFiT certified provider)

…Wow! You’ve done a fantastic job. Thank you so much; I’m very very happy! (Ben Castle, musician/producer)

…I have been very impressed at his attention to detail, his preservation of dynamic range in program material and the musicality of his technical decisions.  All this whilst making masters which sound absolutely “full” and “energetic” compared to other masters in the same genres. (Paul Pilot, musician/producer)

Engineer Andreas Stickel has studied music at the Bass School Munich (98-99) and sound engineering at the Robert Schumann Music College and the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf (2000-2005)

2000 – 2007  he was mainly busy as a bass player, writer and producer (alongside Ralf Stritt) of the Jazz Funk Elektro band Honeymunch. The band has released 3 albums on Infracom Records and IRMA Records, toured extensively and also contributed a song to the US television series “Sex and the City”.

2005 to 2015 Andreas freelanced as a sound engineer, musician and producer in Berlin. He worked for studios like Planet Roc and Phlexton, collaborated independently with many artists and also did sound engineering for opera and television.

Records that he has worked on during that time include Sea and Air’s Evropi (producer, bass player and recording engineer/2015 Glitterhouse Records), Rue Royale’s Remedies Ahead (mastering engineer/2013 Sinnbus Records), Clare and the Reason’s KR 51 (mastering engineer/2012 Frogstand Records) and his own project Darienski’s debut First Sketches (writer, producer, mixer and several instruments/2013 BSC Music)

Other acts that he has worked with in that period:

Daniel Benjamin // Gordon Raphael // Jumbo Jet // All the Luck in the World // Raj Mandir // Paul Pilot // The Tombola Theory // Guide Books // Nigel Wright // Alin Coen // Akeli // Duke Special //  Marlon // Jennifer Rostock // Roxi // Poems for Laila // Martin Kesici // Cheap Hotel // Airwolf One // Michael Squire // Gipfeltrrreffen //Apparatschik // The Bird Dogs // Chio unplugged // Silvia and the Fishes on Friday // Darien Ski Team // Four AM // Chogori // Popstickel // Jaqueline Blouin …

In early 2016 Andreas set up his own mastering studio ASM Mastering.






Manley Variable Mu Compressor
Vertigo Sound VSC-2 Compressor
Klein und Hummel UE 400 EQ
Helios 69 EQ
Telefunken M15a Tape Machine

Pro Tools
UAD Plug Ins
Izotope Plug Ins

ADDA Converters:
Lavry Blue




Andreas Stickel music mastering
E-Mail: post@asmmastering.de
Phone: +49 176 387 37 162

Before you send your files please keep the following in mind:

Release: If your music will be released on CD make sure to ask for a DDP file and send the following information: track listing (with the right spelling of the song name), ISRC Codes, EAN Code

If you’re planning a digital release – do you need extra masters for iTunes/MP3/HiRes audio/streaming?

Format: Send your files with the same sample rate and bit depth that you have chosen for your mixes.

Versions: If you want additional versions of your song (instrumentals, TV versions, radio edits…) to be mastered please make sure to send all the files at once.

Delivery: Please send a ZIP file containing all songs and information.

Beginnings/Endings: Leave enough space at the beginnings and endings of your song files.

Fades: Please don’t fade song endings.

Reference Tracks: Feel free to send reference tracks but don’t forget to mark them as references.